Saturday, May 21, 2011

She's No Super Model

I should have spent more time thinking about her body.  I always have trouble matching body size to head size.  If only I could come up with a "standard" size doll.  So far, every head is different and so every body is different. 

Since everything is pretty much impulsive and spur of the moment, it means the work has to be done over and over again for each individual eccentric little creature. 

Maybe if there were 3 standards--large, medium, and small with appropriate body patterns for each.  I could do that, couldn't I?  Design 3 patterns, make some prototypes, get the measurements right?  Make a nicer torso (those hips are just awful, even if they never show), get the joints in a more appropriate position? 

It's a thought, anyway.  I don't even make cloth bodies for all of them.  Since since this one is already made and gessoed, I'm too lazy to start over.  Her clothes will hide many problems.
I've got Bryce Eleanor's cold.  She was bright and cheerful with hers.  I'm a whining, cranky mess.  Tired and stopped up and feeling very sorry for myself.  Since I only get colds every ten years or so, my attitude is not good.  :(   I shouldn't be working on anything.  Just sitting in front of the tv and sleeping. 


  1. Just like in real life, every body is unique. She looks fine. :)

  2. :) And just like in real life, we use clothing to cover our flaws!


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