Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

 I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day!
National Cemetery in Natchez, MS
Took the pictures a couple of years ago. 
Uncle Buddy (Navy), Laddie (Air Force), Uncle Max (Army)

Major Chris Chandler and Bryce Eleanor on his return home from Baghdad.

More Favorite Things from the Web:

This wonderful pillow from Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts.
The nice thing about Memorial Day Decorations is that they will also be perfect for the Fourth of July.  I love the little vignettes that Elaine, at a Sunny Simple Life, has created.
Watermelon hedgehog from Babble- the family kitchen.  Perfect for almost any summer party!


  1. Happy Memorial Day Jenclair! Love the hedgehog watermelon!!

  2. beautiful pic of BE and her dad. This is Acey still unable to sign in as anything but anonymous.

  3. Aww thanks for the shout out. I love decorating for holidays and can't wait until the next one to get the boxes down. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  4. Sherri- Hope you had a great Memorial Day, too! Isn't that hedgehog a neat idea?

    Acey- BE was a happy camper when her dad came home; of course, Amelia was, too!

    Hope you are feeling better now!

    Sunny - I just love that red bird! And it was such an inspired addition to all of your decorations.

  5. Aww, love that hedgehog! Never thought I'd find a hedgehog looking delicious.
    Thanks for including my pillow.

  6. Mary - I love that hedgehog! Form and function!


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