Monday, May 23, 2011

Dressing Theo

Theo needs clothing and accessories.  Hmmmm... 

I found some pieces I'd quilted for another project and some ticking.  The ticking can be her skirt and maybe she will have a quilted jacket.

Attempts at various patterns...

Still recovering from the cold; ears still stopped up and still sneezing violently, but I can breathe and don't feel achy.

I missed Bryce Eleanor's recital on Saturday which made me so sad.  Amelia sent me a video of the dress rehearsal and, like all performances by three-year-olds, it was funny and sweet.  B.E. didn't seem at all shy or retiring.  She added a few extra leaps and twirls.

Fee went to the wedding in Alexandria, so he missed the recital, too.  Sorry bunch of grandparents!

 My books are overdue at the library, and I plan to get there and to the bank.  And I owe a letter to Suzie.  Grocery store, balance checkbook, laundry...what else?  Won't get it all done, of course, but at least I feel like getting started.

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