Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

Ahhh, where have I been my lovelies?  Certainly not posting to this blog.  Not crafting, quilting, or making eccentric dolls.

I've been doing very gentle yoga since I've strained my lower back.  Enjoying the beautiful weather.  Running errands, getting groceries, doing laundry, putting together a "cubical" for B.E.'s closet.  In the garden--weeding, planting.  Over at A Garden Carried in the Pocket posting reviews.  Reading fairy tales and fantasy for the Once Upon a Time challenge.  Watching Dead Like Me on Netflix--this really is the only way I can make myself iron.

Bryce Eleanor's weekly visit:

She wanted the pasgehtti without the meat and sauce.  She ate the first helping and asked for more.  The second helping was for playing with, and I took some pics before removing the temptation for more of a mess.  At least, there was no sauce on her helping.

She's getting better about sharing.  She lets Edgar, Lucy, and Stinker share their cat toys with her.  Not so good about the other way around. 
 When she hugged me this morning, it brought back all the tactile memories of her mother and her Aunt Erin as children.  Funny how memory works.  My memories are mostly visual, but every so often, the feel and smell of this child, or the songs she sings, sends more solid memories of Amelia and Erin as toddlers.

Another phenomenon is the merging of ages that occurs when I think of our girls when they were small;   all the stages--from infant to grown women with children of their own--are wrapped in those memories.  So when I think of Erin and Amelia as toddlers, there are also imprints of them in all of their incarnations since then.

I don't know if that explains what I mean, but I'm conscious of more than the toddler.  With B.E. and Max, there is still just the now.  With Mila, I'm beginning to see that merging, the sturdy baby and the longer, slimmer lines of the little girl.

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  1. What a lovely post Jenclair! Glad you had a great visit with B.E.!


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