Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shower for "Our" Little Kris

Amelia, Amy Pappa, and Mary Fanning hosted the shower at Amelia's house.  It was great fun--lots of good things to eat, an assortment of mimosa possibilities, and a delicious non-alcoholic pineapple punch.

Kris collected big-time.  A good thing, too, because her due date has been moved up!

Little Kris and Amelia.

As usual, Amelia amazes me with her decorating abilities.  You can see some of her flea market candlesticks and plates after the candlesticks were painted pink and white.

Little Kris and Amelia


  1. What a lovely shower!! We will be doing the same thing in June for my youngest daughter, except she is expecting a little boy! What fun!!

  2. Sherri - Aren't you amazed at all of the equipment that is available now? I sure wish I'd had some of the wonderful gadgets, etc. that new mothers have now!

    Yea! For the newest grandson; June is a great arrival date!

  3. What a lovely shower. Your decorator is extremely talented--love those candlesticks. And the foods look so yummy.

  4. Beautiful setting! Anticipation of new grandchild must exciting!


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