Friday, April 22, 2011

:) Hair Raising!

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I've been AWOL lately.  Only one obsession at a time.  Or maybe two.  But I can't seem to keep up with things after that.  

For a while it was making pillows and home dec crafting, then another cycle of intense yoga reading, then the discovery of Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel, now I'm playing with my eccentric dolls again.  


Although yoga is about balance, I can't manage that aspect unless one considers that moving in a great circle of first one period of absorption in this area, then in another, and, another, then back to the first, then discovering something new--is a kind of balance.

A visit with my friend Suzie (two hour telephone visit), also had me back to thinking about the way the brain and body work.  We talked about how technology changes our brains and behavior.  The younger generations adapt so quickly to i phones, computers, e books, and whatever new innovations occur.  

Since she works with children with Asperger's Syndrome, part of her time is working with children who have problems with manipulative skills.  Evidently they can be competent with keyboards and computer skills, but lack the pincer grip that enables handwriting and drawing.  My SIL, the Adaptive P.E. teacher, deals with many of the same difficulties of mind-body coordination.   

Which leads back and coordinates, in synchronicity, with Feldenkrais and Transformative Movement and neuroplasticity--which also fascinate me.  So in and out and here and there and all over the map, I move from one subject to another and back again.


Now, I have to catch up with blog reading.  What happens when I do that?  There are so many interesting ideas, thoughts, and inspiring projects that new directions open up!


  1. yes what you describe is very familiar to me. so much of so much. but then I commend myself for being open to new things. (it's Acey. Blogger doesn't seem to want to cooperate)

  2. ACey - Love your concept of commending yourself to being open to new things! So many techniques that are just waiting to be tried! Books to be read! Ideas and philosophies to be researched!


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