Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!  Ours was quiet this year since Erin, Mila, and Max were unable to come up from Baton Rouge.  We did go over to Amelia's for a little while, but Bryce Eleanor had already changed out of her Easter dress when they got home from church.

 So the pictures  involve her playing in the pool in her new swim suit.  She had the bottoms on backward which must have been uncomfortable, but didn't slow her down in the least.

Still working on the little Eccentrics and finished the one below.  He finally got his clothes on.

 Fee brought me this stoneware Ginger Beer bottle some time back that he'd found in an antique shop somewhere.  He wanted me to make a doll from the bottle, but I didn't want to add anything permanent to the bottle, so I made this fellow to fit in the mouth, without doing anything to the bottle itself.

This bottle has no markings, although many do, and it is chipped around the mouth, but I love it anyway.  Mother loved all kinds of stoneware and would have adored this bottle.

He must have had a celebration of some sort, as he is climbing out of the bottle, but maybe this was the non-alcoholic version, and he won't be having a hang-over.
Evidently, there are recipes of Ginger Beer that supposedly go back to the Tudors, but most info lists the mid-18th century.  Below is an original Welsh recipe.

The Original Recipe For Diod Sinsir – Ginger Beer

 From Miss M. E. Curtis 1852
4lb lump sugar; 6 lemons; 4oz. yeast; 6oz. stem ginger; 4 gallons water.
Peel the lemons, cut them in halves, squease [sic] them on the sugar – bruise the ginger and let them all be in a pan. Then pour the boiling water on them. When cold enough add a small tea-cup full of yeast. Let it stand 24 hours, then bottle it, in three days it will be fit to drink

Taking the Welsh cue, I named him  Rhys, which means "enthusiasm" in Welsh.


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  2. BE looks so cute in her swimsuit (even if the bottoms are on backwards!). I love Rhys coming out of the bottle! Just great!

  3. Great pictures of BE. She's so cute!
    Your new fellow looks great too. Very expressive.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Kelly - I certainly agree that it is never too late to try something new!

    Sherri - Thanks, Sherri! BE had such a good time in the pool. The weather was just right.

    Francoise - She really liked her new swim suit. :) Rhys is contemplating his next celebration.

  5. It sounds interesting...the ginger beer, I mean.

    Love your little fellow.

    It's so much fun watching your BE grow. I get to play 3 of with my grandgirls next month.

  6. Deb H - I think I'd only heard of Ginger Beer in novels, but evidently it was a very popular drink and, I guess, the forerunner of Ginger Ale!

    It is so nice to have at least one grandchild close enough to visit regularly. I know you'll enjoy having yours next month!


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