Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

The chair will look better when I stain and apply the linseed oil.
Amelia and I went to Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days in Gibsland weekend before last, and I haven't posted about any of our treasures.  I bought an old wooden ironing board (which is still in the garage awaiting decisions about what to do with it) and this chair.  I thought I might paint the chair white, but Fee likes the rustic look of it.  I think I'll get some linseed oil and oil it down good, but for right now, it is just holding some pillows and gardening books.  The chair was $8.

I bought the blue ovenware bowl for $3 and filled it with lemons.  The cut glass was a wedding gift from my Aunt Janice, and it has been much loved for many, many years.

I also bought some little knick knack things for future Eccentric dolls...a dollar here, two dollars there.  Later, I'll show you some of Amelia's purchases and how she transformed them.

While we were in Baton Rouge, we visited an antique and salvage shop and bought the most comfortable rocker, handmade with a curved back; it is amazingly comfortable and just fits!
It will probably go out side soon, but for right now, I have it here.  This is where I had the chair above that holds some of my garden books.  The chair needs to come back to this location so I'll have  my books on hand when I want to sit outside and dream.

If I had a couple of thousand dollars, I'd have purchased these figures from the same shop!  These have little holes for the study of acupuncture.  Very interesting, and I've never seen anything like them before.  Very old, very expensive.  I tried to take a close up, but it didn't come out.

I wish I'd taken more pictures because the trash and treasure were so mixed up in this shop.  I bought another large wooden spool for less than $10 and left the acupuncture figures for others to admire.


  1. My uncle has one of those very same rocking chairs. I am always amazed at how comfortable it is because it doesn't really look like it would be =-) I love, love, love the blue bowl you put the lemons in...I might need one for my brand new kitchen in NY! I'm going to have so much fun shopping for kitchen ware this year!! I've been knitting and crocheting blue-white-cream things recently...potholders, trivets, dishcloths...

  2. I've seen rocking chairs similar to your new one and they do seem very comfortable! Enjoy!

  3. AS usual, lots of eye-candy! I can see why you like that chair (the straight one). It has beautiful lines. And what a lovely wedding! The dress looks like whipped cream.

  4. Debby - The curves in the back are just right. I agree that it doesn't look that comfortable, but once your back finds the curves, it is wonderful!

    Can't wait to see your blue-white-cream things in your NY kitchen! I know it will be a beautiful place to cook in!

    Sherri - It is a great place for reading, and when I move it outside, it will have books stacked near by on a table!

    Kay - I do love the lines on the chair and the fact that it is small!


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