Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Showers

and raindrop flowers...
These above tight little buds were wide open this morning and then closed up.
I really liked this little phone I saw at a flea market, but it was more than I felt comfortable with spending, so I just snapped a picture to remember. 
I spent too much time immersed in the Japanese disaster this weekend.  Today, I've resisted the impulse to  turn on the television.  The impact of such catastrophe is overwhelming, beyond my ability to comprehend.  My thoughts turn to it even as I busy myself with other things, interrupting my sadhana practice, my meditation, my efforts at sewing.  The television is no longer necessary; the scenes are firmly fixed in my mind.


  1. I had a black phone like that fact, I still have it =-) Lots of memories tied to it...

    I so agree. No television is necessary. The images are searing. I can't stop thinking about it either. I can't.

  2. Beautiful pictures of the flowers!
    I cannot stop thinking of Japan. I would like to be able to go there now and be with my friends.

  3. Debby - Good for you for keeping your rotary dial, even if it was a child's toy. Really, more because it was!

    The Japanese tragedy is too much to take in, isn't it?

    Francoise - I'd forgotten about your recent trip to Japan. It must be infinitely harder for you to see the devastation!


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