Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pillows All Done

New pillows--one with ruffle, the other with a graphic (from The Feathered Nest) printed on to muslin then sewn on to burlap.  All of the pillows are the very simplest envelope style.  The bird nest pillow shows that even after I thought I'd gotten the fold ironed out of the burlap, I was wrong.
I love the way the new fabrics lighten and freshen the mood.  Fee thinks it a bit too girly, but doesn't really mind as long as I leave his recliner alone.

 The above footstool has a long story behind it.  When I was pregnant with Erin, we were living in a huge old house near Ruston.  I'd just bought a quilt book, although I was decades away from actually making my first quilt.  I commented to Fee that I wished I had a footstool, and he said he thought there was one in the barn.

Yes, there was.  Who knows how old it was then and that was about 37 years ago.  The top came off, revealing a little storage space inside.  And what little miracle...a doll-size Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt was there.  I was reading my first book on quilts, wanted a footstool, found a footstool AND a beautiful little quilt!  Couldn't have been more perfect.

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Below...playing with my little "point and shoot" camera.  Which appears to be lost now... I had it a week ago and can't find it.


  1. Jenclair, I just love those pillows!! I am very fond of nests and that one is my fav! Great job!

  2. Debby - Yep! Making pillows and ottoman covers is thirsty work. More green tea, waiter!

    Sherri - Thanks! They were easy. I am planning to make something else with the burlap. The Graphics Fairy has a lot of images that I've already printed out in small sizes.


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