Monday, March 28, 2011

Gorgeous Wedding

 A lovely, lovely wedding and reception, as niece Megan and Drew got married in St. Francisville.
Megan on her way to rehearsal.

Chris and Bryce Eleanor


Mila, Fee - getting pizza
Mila, feeding birds

Fee and Max

Cousin Mike performs ceremony

Flanny, Barbara, Mike; hard workers all three!

Amelia, Fee, Chris

Erin, Jay
Father and Daughter

The azaleas were unbelievable, and there were peacocks;  such a beautiful location.  Such a sweet and beautiful wedding!
swiped some pics from Amelia...over half mine didn't turn out at all or were so blurry
Katie, B.E.
McDowells & Carigees


  1. Beautiful! The little girls look adorable. I love the photos of you, too.

  2. How beautiful. Looks like the weather and azaleas cooperated perfectly.

  3. Debby - Megan said it was her fairy tale wedding!

    Gerrie - We had such a good time. It is wonderful to have the whole family together for a joyful celebration!

    Rian - Everything Mother Nature could possibly have done, she did!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and how fun for the rest of us to see such happiness, joy and beauty in one fun place!

  5. What a beautiful wedding! I love all the pictures!

  6. Michele - It was a wonderful occasion. Almost all of our cousins were there, and we are now the oldest generation in our family!

    Sherri - Amelia's pictures are much better than mine. I was using my little point and shoot; she was using a good camera!

  7. Everyone looks wonderful and so happy! St. Francisville is such a beautiful place too and I know the weather was as lovely there as it was here!!

  8. Suesue - St. Francisville is a fascinating little town for many reasons. I love the old homes and the antique button store in the old bank building, although we didn't get any time to look around this time, as we were traveling back and forth from B.R.

    Wasn't the weather perfect this weekend? Warm with a fresh breeze!


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