Friday, March 11, 2011

Books & Quilts

I've just finished a couple of books that I really enjoyed, but haven't reviewed them yet.  West of Here by Jonathan Evison is an ARC sent to me by Algonquin Books (Thanks, Michael!).  I loved it, but am going to have to think about it a while before reviewing.  So many fascinating characters.

I have several other ARCs that Michael has sent me to review, but I haven't started any of them yet.  Trying to catch up on reviews and the stacks of books to be read that are sitting by my chair in my reading nook.

Also finished The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating which was so lovely!  It is a short memoir, but I've spent a lot of time thinking about it.

A short excerpt:
"...the snail had emerged from its shell into the alien territory of my room, with no clue as to where it was or how it had arrived; the lack of vegetation and the desertlike surroundings must have seemed strange. The snail and I were both living in altered landscapes not of our choosing; I figured we shared a sense of loss and displacement."  
  I'll be reviewing these soon at A Garden Carried in the Pocket.

Oh, and one more that I enjoyed, but haven't reviewed -- The Ingram Interview.  This one was from Nancy, the Bookfool.   I really liked this one, too.  Also short, unusual, funny, dry, and charmingly human.

Currently reading Rosy Thornton's The Tapestry of Love (thanks, Rosy for sharing this one with me).  A needlewoman moves to France to establish a business of soft furnishings.  She leaves her empty nest in England to make a new start.

 Check out Debra's Etsy shop...I love "Put Your Happy On"!
Love the textures and the cheerful colors!  Having that on a wall would always elicit a smile!


  1. Love the wallhanging! Great colors!

  2. It is so cheerful and lively, isn't it? Debra has been on a roll lately.

  3. Beautiful cloth and didn't that snail book really stick with you?!


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