Wednesday, March 30, 2011

B.E. Tuesday

Miss Talkety-Talk visited yesterday.  She brought her beautiful blue dragon, Patsy.  She looked askance at Bambi (who was spilling stuffing last time, and who got a sewing/darning makeover) and wanted to watch Pinocchio, even though she gets scared and won't watch the whole thing. 
Off she went this morning.
I need one more pot (at least) in the front.

Then the plumber arrived, and we discovered that a pipe in our bathroom is leaking into the wall.  This is what we expected to hear, and we were prepared for holes to be cut so they could get to it.  What we didn't expect is that they may have to re-route the plumbing.  Major bucks, but not something you can avoid or put off. 

Right now, there is a hole wall and the water is shut off to that bathroom.  We will be using the other bathroom until tomorrow, when they come to see how they will go about repairing and/or re-routing. Then sheet rock and painting.

I'm going to sit in my new rocker with a cuppa tea and a good book and let the world go by!


  1. I love those pictures of B.E.!! Sorry about the plumbing issues. I hope they don't have to reroute everything.

  2. Sherri, she's a joy and a whirlwind!

    All day yesterday...and looks like all day today. Very nice men, but I can't make any plans or quite get comfortable.

  3. Hi Jen, it's Acey but blogger isn't acknowledging my password. BE has certainly grown up so much in these past few months!

  4. ACEY - Good to hear from you, girl! Hope things are well with you--missed your presence on the web.

    Yep, B.E. has grown! It is always funny to see the drastic changes a few months can make with little ones. The girl talks all the time, and like her grandmother, to herself as well.


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