Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amelia's Transformations

Amelia bought the scale at Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days, then perched her bunny on top.  The candlesticks that she bought for $1 or $2 each, she painted white.

 She bought the plates and candelabra from different vendors.  Then painted the candelabra and attached the plates.
 Candy dish before and after.
 Her purchases before being altered.
 Tablescape with her rag banner.
We had a great time at that flea market, spent very little money, enjoyed hours of looking, and wore ourselves slap out.
I wish I had Amelia's decorating abilities, but even when I copy her,
my things don't turn out the same.


  1. Jenclair, Amelia got some great things and I love what she did with them! I love her rag banner-very Eastery! Have a great day!

  2. Sherri - Some of them are in preparation for a baby shower, but she can use them again and again. I love her rag banner, too!

  3. I envy people who can do that...

  4. Rian - I do, too. It takes a good eye, and Amelia always manages to pull things off.

  5. Love love LOVE that candelabra with plates! Must go thrusting THIS WEEK!

  6. Jerri - Isn't that a great idea? Perfect for cupcakes and other delicious delicacies! I can't wait to see it filled with goodies this weekend. Amelia really does put things together well!

  7. Hey, Honey! I think we ALL talk to ourselves while crafting. My hubby actually tells jokes to himself! I will see his lips moving, very little sound, and then he will smile really big, like YES...I AM SO FUNNY! and then I will ask him what he is saying, and he snaps out of it, and says...OH, nothing. LOL! Thanks for the pop over to my site! I am on yours most days, even if I don't comment always...I am there!

  8. GASP! I was back on this post to add a bookmark on my THRIFTY TO DO LIST, and I notice my comment a couple back said that I must go "thrusting" instead of thrifting...if I don't find a way to shut off the auto correct on my iPad, I am going to be bonkers! Nevertheless...bookmark is added an life can go on! Toddles!

  9. Jerri - I noticed the "thrusting" and laughed, but I knew what you meant!

    As to talking to myself, sometimes I claim I'm talking to the cats. What difference does that make? :) Edgar, Stinker, and Lucy are not at all interested in my crafting, reading, or cleaning, but I address them anyway!


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