Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Valentina Finished

Valentina loves red!  I finished this latest eccentric figure and added her to the grouping.
Sweet Tarts in a little Mason jar with one of the newspaper flowers on top.
The little inkwells, I got in London some years back.  They date from the 1800's and make a sweet offering to Ho Tai, who looks quite pleased.  This time, I just added tiny millinery flowers.  Last time, I had real pansies in them, and Bryce Eleanor pushed the flowers all the way down into the water; fishing them out of the little neck was a chore.
One of the red/pink clay hearts I made found its way to this neck.

Time to light a little lavender incense to honor this stormy day.  The cats and I are glad to stay inside!

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  1. Do you read Pink Purl's blog? She had a post today telling us that it is Imbolc, the day celebrating the halfway point between the solstice and the equinox... I love her blog, so peaceful and calm, with yoga, eastern influences, it's lovely. That dog figurine is great! Stay snug and warm =-)

  2. Totally, totally love Valentina!!

  3. Debby - No, I haven't read Pink Purl, but I'll be sure to get over there and begin today! I love my little dog--he had holly & berries as his Christmas collar. I guess he's a French bulldog, but the breed resembles Boston Terriers, and he reminded me of Mac.

    Thanks for the recommendation of a new blog!

    Debra - Thanks! She's a sweetie that Valentina, but I think she's been into the Pink Peanut M&Ms!

  4. Love seeing your creations! And you might be interested in the wonderful posting today comparing quilting and the writing of a memoir or personal history at http://travelinoma.blogspot.com

  5. Love your doll!!
    BTW what do you use to season your bean soup?

  6. HandiGrammi - Thanks, I'll drop in and have a look. Funny, but I've been thinking in the Memoir vein lately.

    Cat - Thanks, so much! Your dolls inspire me, and I love the newest quilty versions!

    In the bean soup, I use bay leaves, garlic, cumin, pepper, lemon juice, minced onions and minced jalapenos. And in my personal cups of soup, I add some jalapeno juice, but not in my husband"s. :)

  7. The pic with the dolls close by as she sleeps is priceless. :)

  8. Connie -- I was shaking with laughter while I took the pictures of her!


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