Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday Musings

Still playing with Valentine crafts.  I've never decorated for Valentine's before, although I've often made a few things.  Next year, will be easier because I won't have to start from scratch.

This rosy little candy dish was Mother's and fits the theme now, as it will through spring and summer.

I've made some sachets and took some pictures of them in the snow, which is all gone now.  Stuffed with lavender, these little hearts smell wonderful.  I used images from The Graphics Fairy that I printed out onto muslin, then ironed onto the hearts before stuffing.  I even put one a rock for a paperweight.  It is a good thing I printed the images out over a week ago, because now my printer is out of ink, and I can't use any of the other images I've grabbed from TGF.
I put some of them in this little container I made for Christmas decorations.  I still have so much lavender left; more sachets will appear for different seasons.

The table runner I pieced a few years ago and recently rediscovered, needs to be backed and quilted.  The colors are just right for Valentine's, although that wasn't the original idea.  If I would just get up to the studio and quilt the darn thing, it would add some color to the table.

Linking to Brag Monday and while you are there check out all of her wonderful Valentine images.


  1. Jenclair-I love your decorations! Can't wait to see the quilted table runner all done!

  2. This has been on my mind too. I wanted to do a bunch of tiny ones to fill a hurricane with. Yours are tops! Beautiful!

  3. Thanks, Sherri! I have to refill all the candy containers, though, because I've eaten it all (the Peanut M & M's in pink, white, and red were the best, but the rasberry kisses were mighty good, too). Hope to work on the table runner today or tomorrow.

    Autumn - I think I'll do some little bags for the next sachets; much easier to fill. Thanks for the sweet comment, and I hope to see your sachet-filled hurricane!

  4. Hey!
    I think you did a wonderful job with these projects. I love the paper weight idea!

  5. Thanks, Christine! The sachets are so easy to make (except for those little lavender buds sticking to everything), and they smell so good.

  6. Those are lovely. You make me feel so lazy! I made one valentine, and that will be it this year.

  7. Absolutely adorable sachets!

  8. Kay - I'm not sure what came over me this year, but I've been playing with Valentine stuff for a couple of weeks now!

    Petra - Thanks! Love that lavender; it lifts my mood.


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