Monday, February 14, 2011

Lovely Sunday & Valentine Monday

Yesterday was such a beautiful day!  Sun and temperatures in the 60's.  Fee and I had lunch at Byronz and sat on the patio, did some shopping (J. Jill's and Red Door Interiors were great fun for me), and went to see The King's Speech.  It was excellent.

  I've always liked Colin Firth, but last year we went to see The Single Man, and my respect for his talent increased immensely.  He was nominated for an Oscar for that one, too.  Fingers crossed for this year.

At Red Door, I bought this little felt bird.  Before I'd even taken him out of the bag, Edgar found him and thought it was a gift for him. Nooo, Edgar!
 I stuck his tail back on and will take him up to the studio and use a felting needle to reattach his tail and smooth down the the other roughed up places.  Poor, silly bird. 
Happy Valentine's Day!  (image from The Graphics Fairy)


  1. That little felted bird is adorable! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Thanks, Cathy! I think he is a funny little thing, so fat and with that out-sized beak.

  3. I loved the King's Speech too. I hope to see it again with my husband. The red pears and flow blue are so lovely--I admire the way you can create beauty in little bits. Lately I am so defeated by clutter that it's depressing!

  4. Kay - The film was a such a study in faces, wasn't it?

    Little bits of beauty are all that I can manage. The studio is a chaotic pit of clutter that overwhelms me.


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