Thursday, February 17, 2011

From Pink to Green

Tuesday was B.E. day, but I didn't get one picture of Bryce Eleanor.  We did the usual things, but we also took a nice walk because the weather was so beautiful.

I've put away the Valentine decorations, but because it was so much fun to craft and decorate for Valentine's, I'm already thinking about St. Patrick's Day.  I've been gathering green things from closet, cabinets, and cupboards.  Carnival glass, Depression glass, pottery, a music box Mother brought me from Ireland. I've some crafty projects in mind as well, of course, to go along with the Vintage-y things.

Rosy Thornton sent me a copy of her new book The Tapestry of Love, and I'm so excited about adding this one to my TBR stack.   Catherine Parkstone moves to a small cottage in a French village and begins a life as a needlewoman who specializes in tapestries; now doesn't that sound wonderful?

I'm pretty sure it will be making its way to the top of the TBR stack soon, as I can hardly wait to begin.  Love the cover.

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  1. Ok, I want to live in that book cover...

  2. I'm positively GREEN with envy over your lovely art glass.

  3. Jenclair, I collect green depression glass and I have started bringing it out a little at a time too! The green funnel you have in your header picture is the same one I have in pink!!

  4. Debby - Me, too! I dream of old cottages with lovely doors...

    Rian - :) Some of the Depression glass pieces I bought for 50 cents when Fee and I were first married and before it got popular. The carnival glass piece was my grandmother's, and I always loved it when Mother got it out.

    Sherr - I wish I'd thought to bring out some of pink pieces for Valentie's day. I don't think I've seen the funnel in pink and haven't seen very many in green. They must be a little less common than other pieces.

  5. Wow, beautiful pieces of green ware. I have a few pieces I am also bringing out for the month of March. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  6. Karie - I love depression glass and use my green juicer all the time! They are great accessories for St. Patrick's day.


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