Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flow Blue and Pears

Since I never managed to find backing and quilt the table runner I was planning to finish, I dug this one out from several years ago.  Then, some pears in one of my grandmother's flow blue soup bowls-- Mother treasured these bowls, and so do I.  There are only four of them left, and although they are certainly not for everyday use, they should not be tucked away all the time.  The colors on the table topper look good with the pears, I think.
 The mantle never really took shape.  The garland I made was more effort than impact (some people have such lovely valentine garlands). 
There are projects that are still in progress, but I'm all out of Valentine energy for this year.  Time is too short to worry about finishing them and there is always next year.  My first year to decorate for Valentine's Day provided me with a lot of pleasure, and now it is almost time to take it all down. has these wonderful valentines to print or email.  I chose these because they are favorite poems by favorite poets. 

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  1. That photo with the pears on the left hand side of the screen - it looks like a painting. I thought it was. Truly! Beautiful. - Kathy

  2. Nice still life with the pears. I actually never thought of it myself, but do I know people who decorate for every holiday. My sister decorates every month.

  3. Kathy - Thanks! The cats are pleased to have another quilted surface to curl up on, and I enjoy the pears in the bowl.

    Rian - With the exception of Christmas and a little for Halloween, I've never decorated much for holidays. This year, I had so much fun with the Halloween and Valentine crafty side of decorating.


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