Monday, February 21, 2011

Feels Like Spring...

Amelia went to Dallas this weekend for Megan's Batchelorette Party, and Bryce Eleanor stayed with us.  We had a good time, and because the weather was so beautiful, we took several walks and played outside a lot.

Fee was gone all day Saturday, but Sunday morning, they took a nice walk, and then he took her with him to Office Depot and to lunch.  She came home all Granddaddy's Girl and would hardly let go of him.

I'm relaxing today.


  1. Love the picture of your granddaughter! She is a cutie!

  2. Oh, too cute for words! And that precious little granddaughter of yours is so beautiful..I'd want to take her every where and have her adore me, too!!! I bet she is as sweet and good and bright as she is adorable! Am I right ;)

  3. What a cutie!!!!
    Give her a big hug.

    XO Marie

  4. Thanks, ladies! We tend to think our grandchildren are pretty special (typical grandparent syndrome). Like all grandparents, we marvel at what our children have created.

  5. I created a MONSTER! Heeheeheehee

  6. No more so than I, my dear! You were my accident prone child; B.E. has yet to follow in that direction. She does need her naps like you did, though. :)


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