Friday, February 11, 2011

The Black Hole of Lost Socks

I just love this idea!  Who knows what mysterious quantum physics effect occurs when two socks go into the washer and only one comes out (sometimes, but not always, to reappear at a future date).  From Makia Creations:

 Visit the site for information about turning your crafting ideas into kits.  They are running a contest with cash prizes and more.


  1. I have discovered that the way to make the missing sock reappear is to throw away the one you have.

  2. Hi Jenclair ~ so glad you popped by my blog! I love this lost sock idea. I think it would be darling with baby socks in a nursery. I smiled quite a bit looking through your blog with your lovely creations and your sweet little peeps' adventures!

  3. Rian - Exactly! I find that throwing away the unmatched sock usually summons the lost one pretty quickly!

    Heidi - Oh, those baby socks! So tiny and so easy to lose. And little ones shed socks both by accident and on purpose.

    Thanks, for the sweet comments on my little eccentric dolls!

  4. Jen, my 22 year old son says a lost sock is the usage fee the washing machine charges you. LOL

  5. Very cute sign! This should be in my laundry room!

  6. Myra - :) That is probably a better explanation than a black hole!

    Sherri - I'm considering making one of the signs, complete with clothespins and single socks!


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