Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Another B.E. Tuesday

Bryce Eleanor was a busy little bee yesterday.  She always loves to sweep.
 We played with the "treasure chest" and read and played with the cats.  She played with her grandfather's beard.  We ate dinner and took a bath.  When it was time for bed, she wasn't quite ready.  I told her that she had 15 more minutes and that I would go read my book, but I'd come back  and tuck her in.  Well, it was more like 30 minutes, and I found this--naked Barbies growing out of her pajama top. Shades of Sigourney Weaver!

These are the sad-sack Barbies I told you about last week.  Mine is a little over 50 years old, Erin and Amelia's (which were also treated rather unkindly) are no spring chickens either.  They and their equally pitiful outfits were scattered all over the bed.  I gathered up all 6 or 7 of them and their clothing and deposited them back in the "treasure chest."  Then I moved Bryce Eleanor into a more customary alignment with the bed.

 After weaseling some Sweet Tarts out of me so I could brush her hair, she was ready brave the icy winds this morning.
 How cold was it?  We didn't get much over 28 degrees yesterday and last night's low was 16 degrees.  The fountain was iced over.  It was COLD for this neck of the woods!
 I made my contribution to the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation about a week ago and received this little surprise bracelet from them.  An elephant never forgets...

Stay warm today.  Are you braving the snow and ice and blizzards that have much of the nation in its unrelenting grasp.  I feel like a wimp shivering in our merely cold air.


  1. I feel wimpy too hating our little cold spell! So glad it's not snowy and icy down here. Loving all your valentines and especially the one with the barbie dolls!!

  2. 28 is cold in Chicago too! I wouldn't feel like a wimp. Love that elephant on the bracelet. That's really quite touching.

    Hunker down and stay warm until all of this nonsense passes! - Kathy

  3. Jenclaire, I didn't know you had this blog!! Glad you mentioned it on your other one! I love the picture of your granddaughter asleep with the "alien" barbies sticking out of her jammies! Just priceless!!

  4. suesue - It has been so windy! The combination of wind and cold gets me.

    When I saw those Barbies sticking out of her pjs, I'm surprised I didn't wake her up with my laughter!

    Kathy - I've been avoiding errands and trying to stay inside. The funny thing is that we could be in full spring mode by next week.

    I really like the concept of using the elephant. It will be good advertisement, too, because people will comment on it.

    Sherri - Welcome to the "other side!" Isn't the picture of B.E. hysterical? It is destined to become a classic.


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