Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another B.E. Tuesday

 After nearly a month of missing our Bryce Eleanor Tuesdays, she returned yesterday!  Her other grand parents were here for a week and several other events meant we missed most of the month.  While Chris's parents were here, we went out for dinner one night, and Amelia took this picture of two doting grandmothers.

We had a great time at dinner, but the grandfathers missed out on having their pictures taken.

Yesterday, when Bryce Eleanor arrived, the first thing she said was "Where's the treasure chest?"  The treasure chest is an old doll's trunk that I bought years ago at a flea market.  Amelia and Erin played with it, Mila and Max played with it, and now Bryce Eleanor plays with it.  It is filled with pitiful Barbie dolls--mine from the 1950's and Erin and Amelia's surviving dolls.

Here are Max and Mila in November of 2007 about to get into the "treasure chest" when we lived in our old house, long before we ever thought about a tornado and the damage it could do.

 Max sent his cowboy boots, which he had outgrown, to Bryce Eleanor.  She looked at them and said, with appropriate awe, "Toy Story boots!"  They are still a little big for her, but she loved them.

See those strawberries that Fee bought before picking her up?  She managed to get in bed with a couple.  The sheets are in the washing machine now! 

Her favorite book this time:

When B.E. packed up this morning, she started piling everything in her bag, including all those sad Barbies from the treasure chest.  I had to interfere so that she could continue to be entertained by them in future visits. 

She also stuck in this pillow that I made for her last year, but didn't get finished in time for Valentine's Day.  I have finished Mila's, but still haven't finished Max's.  If I want them to have their pillows this year, I'd better get Max's done.

Yesterday, my email was down most of the day for AOL's scheduled maintenance.  When it came back, nearly 2 months were missing.  All of January, except for what arrived after it came back on.  There were several emails that I had not responded to, but I just checked and think everything is back now.

Hope you are all having a good Wednesday!


  1. Great picture of Bryce Eleanor with her happy grandmas!
    Have a good day.

  2. Darling picture of the loving grandmas and BE! I can't imagine losing 2 mo's worth! I was gone for Wed Thurs, and today and my in-box and blog roll are PACKED!

  3. Debby - They are still missing. I thought they had been recovered because the in-box was so full, but I didn't look closely before making the statement that they were recovered. Frustrating!

  4. I just adore this pillow, and sentiment. My Grandma always said this to me too. :)

  5. Autumn -- I love the hugs around the neck I get when we say this!


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