Monday, December 06, 2010

Monday Musings

I've been able to find a little time for the studio this morning, but so many ideas have kind of stalled.  I did gather and attach the quilted skirt to the light fixture girl who has been waiting impatiently, but that is about all.

I used fabric that I'd discharged several years ago, quilted with a variegated thread, then with a metallic copper thread, and then beaded.  All that effort and the neither kind of bead really shows up much, but they do give a nice texture.

Tonight, after yoga, I'll do the drawing for the little guardian.  The one on this blog and the one on my book blog.  I haven't forgotten!

 Haven't put a tree up yet.  Since The Triad climb the artificial palm, they are going to be a problem when it comes to a tree.  Must get a refill for SssCat!!!  Love this product. 

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