Friday, December 03, 2010

Inspiration Needed

 I have to get back to organizing the studio.  Since I haven't been crafty since just before Thanksgiving, cleaning and organizing usually puts me back in the mood. 
  Buttons, beads, pearl cotton...waiting for me to come back to them.
  Bryce Eleanor stayed Wednesday night this week as Amelia was busy giving a baby shower for a friend on Tuesday.  Here she is leaving for "school" Thursday morning with Stinker watching from the window and Edgar watching from the front door. 

  Can you see all the nose prints on the glass?  It is a hopeless cause trying to keep the windows half way clean.

Amelia's birthday was also on Tuesday.  I spent a large part of the day wondering how my baby grew up so fast!  Now, I look at Bryce Eleanor and see how much like her mother she is.  She's a builder, a schemer, busy all the time, aware of the power of her smile, loves to "freed" (Amelia would bring a book and say, "Let's freed!"), full of songs and nursery rhymes.  Like Mother, Like Daughter these two.

Today's Hopeful Plans:  library, Michael's or JoAnne's (I have coupons!), continue organizing and hope that the creative urge hits.  So many WISPS (works in slow progress; love this term Michelle!) that need attention, an idea, an inspiration.

Don't for get to check the Give Away in previous post.  I love the little guardians; working on them was such fun, and this one needs a new home.

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