Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Finished two of the guardians in progress and grouped them with the first one.  Edgar-the-Curious gives them a thorough vetting.  After which, I moved them to the mantle.  Out of E the C's reach!  I'm still working on the next four, which I should finish in the next day or so.

The elephant was supposed to be a kind of steam punk eccentricity;  his wheels  move, but I wasn't really happy with my method of attaching them (I'll consult Fee next time), and I don't like the 3-legged concept after all..  Truthfully, I just don't like the elephant..  The camel has been stalled for a couple of weeks and needs a lot of work, but I'm not sure I care enough to give him the time.

I have so many ideas and begin working on them, but sometimes--after a certain stage--they don't capture my imagination.   They languish.  I look at them and try to think of what might renew my interest.   What if the elephant was re-painted in bright colors?  Would I like him better? 

Bryce Eleanor comes this afternoon for her weekly visit!  Mila and Max will be here Wednesday...oh, my goodness, that's tomorrow!


  1. Hi Jenclair,

    Just stopped by for a visit. I like your guardians a lot. Are they made of Fimo? Looks like you have a lot of fun stuff going on. I know what you mean about projects not capturing your imagination anymore and languishing. Happens to me all the time on quilts. Sometimes I have to let them sit for quite some time before I get interested again. And occasionally, I never do get interested again. More often than not, however, something gets me going. Usually a deadline of some sort or the need for the space! LOL

  2. Jen,

    I love the steampunk elephant, and normally I don't like steampunk a grat deal!
    The gardians are gorgeous.

    Judy B

  3. Mama Pea - The guardians are paper clay over papier mache cones. I wish we could always find a way back to a work that interested us at one time, but as you mention, it doesn't always happen. Sometimes, they get finished, sometimes they get completely re-worked, sometimes they are utilized in another project.

    Judy - I'm glad someone likes the elephant! And I just remembered, he was supposed to have a tail. Guess he wasn't quite finished after all. :)

  4. I like the elephant too. (Steam punk is a new word to me.) Maybe you just need time away from him. Painting him bright colors is also and interesting idea.

  5. Thanks, Kay! The elephant has been sitting a while, guess he can sit a while longer. Maybe he will grow on me :)


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