Monday, November 22, 2010

A Quilt Give-Away for a Good Cause

While browsing today, I found this give-away for a charitable donation.  Visit alamode for details!   The quilts are beautiful and made by familiar bloggers. (beware of music ;o)

Below is just one example of the donated quilts, but you can see all of them at alamode.  Check them out!

(found via Because I'm Me)

In the studio:
 These are some more of the guardians I'm working on.  They have a long way to go yet. 
In my organizing efforts, I'm still going through boxes that were packed up during the move last year and shoved into the attic.  I found this little goose girl (marked occupied Japan) at a flea market years and years ago.  She really needs a soaking in some warm water and mild soap, but she is as sweet as remembered.  

Ok...back to my cleaning/organizing efforts.  Have a great day!


  1. Thanks for visiting! The 'goose girl' is very sweet...we are having our first snow! Have a great day! Monica

  2. Hi,
    I am also from La. It is hard t type with a cupe etters brken n my keybard
    Can yu guess what etters are brken?
    Seriously, it is quite frustrating!

    But wanted to stop in & say hello. I am from SW LA, but visit Shreveport 3-4 times a year to bring my 12 yo son to Shriner's Hospital. He has Cerebra Pasy & is in a Wheechair We have to do everything for him, but he can speak very well & is such a JOY & Bessing to be around!

    I am just starting to learn to quilt & blog but finding it especially hard to actually START!

  3. Lovelovelove the guardians so far! The textures--oh my! I have a small collection of various Occupied Japan items. I love the naive feeling they have. Your goose girl is darling. Gonna go look at some of my OJ stuff now...=-)

  4. Monica - We always hope for a little snow, but down here it is a rarity! I love my the goose girl; she's a cheerful little thing.

    Red - Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with the quilting. I'm not doing much of it right now, but still love all quilts. Keep up the blogging; the quilting community is great! And very helpful!

    Nice to meet another LA blogger. The Shriner's Hospital is great, and I'm sure your son benefits from his visits.

    Debby - When I started making the additional guardians, I found that my favorite part is when the imprints start to really come out with the painting. Fun!

    You'll have to share your OJ stuff on your blog. I guess they are pretty collectible now, but I've always found them intriguing.


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