Saturday, November 13, 2010


Bryce Eleanor came up with a new name on Tuesday night for bow tie pasta or farfalla.  She called it butterfly pasta.  Which, of course, is not new, as farfalla is Italian for butterfly.  The name "bow tie" was, undoubtedly, a result of its resemblance to butterfly wings.  She ate her butterfly pasta one wing at a time, with commentary on each one.  I love the word farfalla.  It is just one of those words that has a nice sound, but I'm leaning toward butterfly pasta from now on.

In the studio:

I've found a new blog that I enjoy, Funky Junk Interiors, and after subscribing, I was scrolling down previous posts and found this one on how to make your blog friendlier for visitors.  The one that hit home was the one about music--man, I don't care for this one, even if I happen to like the music (and I frequently do NOT like the music).  Especially when it comes in with a blast, startles me, and sends me scrambling for the Mute button.  If I can't find it quickly enough, I click out of the blog. 

I've removed Word Verification (again)...until I get a bunch of spam.  Each time I remove it, things go well for a while, then the spammers discover the inroad, and I apply WV again.

Anyway, I'm going to go through her list and her reasoning again and see what else would make this blog friendlier.  I mentioned many of the items on her list as deterrents to my enjoyment of other blogs in a post a year or so ago, but I liked her more detailed explanations.


  1. Lots of good info there. I agree about the music...I've jumped out of my skin more times than I can remember. I always keep the sound off on my laptop, unless I want to listen to my own iPod or some other station, or watch a YouTube vid or something. Email on blogs: Debra pointed out to me this year that in all the years I'd been on Blogger, I was never accessible by email, that she had to hunt down my address if she wanted to email me. All it took was a hit on one button and that was fixed...I had not had any idea no one could email me directly from the blog until she mentioned it. There is so much to learn of which we are unaware until someone points it out...Butterfly pasta...I've always thought of it that way, myself =-) What a (smart)cutie BE is!

  2. Like, Debbie, I keep my volume off too -- I really don't like the music on blogs either. And ads are annoying too.

  3. I've always thought the music should ease up in volume...what I don't like is being startled by it but most of the time my volume is off too.

    I've always thought your blog was friendly :) and I think your mixed media dolls are cool too!

  4. Debby - I forget to mute when I finish watching a video, so I frequently get the blast of music on certain blogs. I like to be able to respond to comments by email, but so many people haven't chosen that option.

    It was funny to watch B.E. eat her butterfly pasta, wing by wing!

    Debra - Another thing about the music is that if you click to older posts, the music stops, then starts over so there is no continuity!

    Karoda - Yes, the volume is so variable; on some blogs, the music is relatively soft background music, but on others, it is like being right in front of the speakers at a concert!

    Thanks, K. for the nice comment about my mixed media eccentricities. I love making them!

  5. thanks for the link so much good info
    but I don,t like the music

  6. Emmy - No, I don't care for music on a blog either. I do think Donna makes some good points and explains her reasoning well.

  7. I never go back to a blog with music. I don't want to keep my sound down because someone else intrudes on my space with their music. There. Is that cranky enough?

    That was a very good article. Thanks for the post. I don't mind the word verification actually though. It's become almost automatic.

  8. Kay, I feel much the same way. I'm sure those who have the music do not realize that it is a deterrent, rather than an attraction, for many people.

    I think WV is easier on blogspot than on wordpress and typepad. Sometimes it shows up after a delay or is too far down to see, and I happily write a comment that never gets posted because I've clicked out without realizing a WV is even there.

  9. Most importantly, you have to actually write something on the blog. blogs that have months old posts are not friendly - take mine, for example. Facebook came along and there went the blog. So I have deactivated my Facebook account. I have no self-control, I'm not interested in what someone is having for dinner; I absolutely hate those "inside" comments that only one or two people understand. Wait! This is not supposed to be a FAcebook rant. anyway - I've left Facebook because blogging is more creative and requires more of me. And Jen, your blog has always seemed like a warm and friendly place. (sorry for the lengthy FB thing).

  10. Hey, Deborah! I wondered what had happened to you. I do a little Facebook, checking up on the daughters and their activities, but it is definitely not like blogging.

    Blogging is journal, community, encouragement, and inspiration. I love the community that develops and the helpful hints and techniques that are shared.


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