Friday, November 12, 2010

Can't Catch Me, I'm the Ginger Bread Man

I love these!  If I were still teaching yoga, I'd order these cookie cutters in a heartbeat!
 The cookie cutters can be found at Baked Ideas on Line.  (found via Craft Ideas on Line)  Aren't they cute?
That is exactly the way I look in savasana, complete with the silly grin.

We had some colder days last week--although it has warmed back up since then--and my hands were cold.  My right hand always gets cold (some kind of nerve damage), but when cold weather comes, I'm always trying to warm it up.  Sometimes I use the hair dryer, sometimes warm water.

As I was going through my basket of sock doll stuff (still working on organizing in the studio), I noticed a new pair of socks I'd purchased to make dolls.  Whist!  In about five minutes, I had a pair of wrist warmers--and they are great!  Work a treat.

See the lamp Edgar knocked over.  Again.  The little plastic chairs B.E. insisted we BOTH sit in to watch the fountain.  (mine, uh, stuck to me as I got up.)  And, of course, my wrist warmers.

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I am still loving my wrist warmers because they leave my fingers so free and flexible while still keeping my hands warm, but then yesterday, I saw a tutorial on Maya Made, and hers are so much better!  Check hers out, you will really like them.

I'm going to visit Good Will looking for a sweater and make a pair like hers, longer than mine and with pencil pleats!

I put little finger notches in mine, and I like them, but I also like the idea of being able to easily disengage the thumb and push the whole thing back easily, leaving the hands completely free.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day in the kitchen.  Doing the papier mache thing, not cooking.  There was flour paste on almost everything.  I put the oven on low, and did a layer or two at a time on different items, switching the dry ones out, putting the wet ones in.  That way I don't have to wait so  long for the stuff to dry.  One or two layers will dry quickly in the oven.

What crafty thing are you up to?  Working on Christmas projects yet?

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