Sunday, November 07, 2010

Another Year

 Happy Birthday to me!  Fee is still out of town, but may be in tonight.  The girls have called, and whatever time it is (haven't even re-set my clocks), I'm still in my pajamas.  The biggest effort I've made is to shower and change into clean pajamas, eat oreos, and climb the stairs to my studio sanctuary.  I've been alternately cleaning-up and making a mess up there.  Kind of keeps the situation at a stand-off.  The yoga mat is down, but unused. 

The Triad...up to no good as usual.  The other day, I picked up all their toys and balls and placed them in a drawer (and shut it) so I could vacuum.  Promptly forgot about the toys. This morning I noticed that a drawer in that little table was open.  ???  I store incense in there and thought maybe I hadn't shut it properly.  But no, 2 drawers were open.  And the Triad's balls and toys were no longer in the drawer.

I guess Edgar had to open both drawers to find his toys, but he's busy now playing with his favorites.  Lucy and Stinker take the left overs.  Stinker wonders why they were put away in the first place.  I couldn't find all of the toys when I took the pictures, but I've found more since then.
Finished the Guardian figure.    I love the imprints in the clay.  Wrapping old threads from the sewing box I bought years ago gave the first texture; then more texture added using a thimble, beads, a Mah Jong piece, and various other items.  The vintage (cheap) jewelry part that I put on her head gives her a different look than what I originally had in mind.


  1. Happy Birthday Jenny!!!! I stayed in my pjs today, too!! In celebration of your special day, of course =-) Sounds like you had a lovely peaceful birthday. Love that figure, the texture is great!

  2. Happy birthday Jen!

    I love th kitty photos & the Gaurdian is beautiful.

  3. Thanks, Debby! It has been a nice birthday, and I'm glad you could celebrate by staying in your pjs, too!

    And thanks, Deb H, for the birthday greeting! Hope you are staying warm up in the far North!

  4. Hippo Birdy Two Ewes, good friend. Wish I could bake you a cake!!

  5. :) Me, too! Thanks, Gerrie!

  6. Dang, if I'd read this sooner, I would have helped you celebrate and stayed in my pj's longer, too!!!

    Hope it was a good one so Happy, Happy..even one day later!

    Love love love this wonderful piece. Oh, you truly are so talented!

    What fun!!!!

  7. Michele, I love an excuse to stay in my pajamas and not venture out of the house from morning to night. Well, except in the back garden, and it is perfectly permissible to do that in pjs.

    Thank you for your good wishes and kind comments!

  8. Oops, I'm a little bit late, but...
    Happy Birthday to you!!

  9. Thanks, Francoise! Those birthdays are beginning to really mount up-- and that is a good thing!


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