Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Thoughts and Pictures

Some pictures of my studio, shelves, and various projects.  Shelves are filled with some of my flea market treasures, but there is no way to display all the junk I've collected over the years.  Some is organized in containers, some still  in boxes behind the attic door.

 I've been working with some papier mache again, using balloons.  I have intended to do this for some time to have a place to put my crowns.  Papier mache is slow and messy (but strangely, I love it) and requires a lot of hand washing, so I do it in the kitchen by the sink.  This means I have a mess to clean up before Fee gets home and that I try to do it when I know I'll have a lot of time.

There is also  the drying time required after a few layers to be considered.  I've done 3-4 balloon basic shapes, but haven't had the opportunity  to work much with them yet.  I did do a nose on one and stuck it on the dress form with a crown.
This is an interesting article about children and television:  Screen Time Affects Children's Mental  Health.   It discusses the effects of television viewing in a balanced way.

Too much tv is an unfortunate problem that results, in part, from the climate of our times.  Parents can no longer feel safe about sending their children out to play the way my brothers and I were when we were small.  Tell Mother where we were going (not that we always stayed there) and be back for lunch and/or  dinner--oh, and don't fight.  Pretty much our instructions.

I didn't feel comfortable with that even when my kids were small.  Too much going on in the world.  Television became a safe,easy alternative entertainment.  Parents know where their children are; no worries about the villains of the world.  A shame, but a fact.

Of course, limiting television exposure is still a good idea and substituting books and imaginative play is a way to keep kids busy and creative rather than passive receptors.

Oh, and I wanted to  share a cool place to visit--Crae's Creations.  I especially love this wreath, but so many wonderful projects here!  Lots of inspiration; do go visit.


  1. What fun to see your treasures, and especially the kitchen with the work in progress! The paper mache lady is wonderful


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