Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scary Hair-Do

When Bryce Eleanor arrived, she wanted some jello.  "Fine, let's get that hair out of your face so it won't get sticky."  We get the brush, and she decides she wants all of the little hair bands in.  "All of them?"  Oh, yes.  All of them.  I'm not so good at fixing fine baby hair, but Bryce Eleanor loved it and kept wanting to look in the mirror.  When she was finally satisfied with her appearance, she was off in high gear.
Jumping off the bottom step was great fun for a while.  Playing with Edgar.  Several walks.  Dinner and bath and books and prayers.  The "God Bless" is her favorite part and that can go on for quite a while.  Just when I think she's asleep, she murmurs "God bless..." and adds more to her list.

This morning, after a nice back rub from Fee (who always comes in to wake us), she wanted apple slices and juice for breakfast; then into her new outfit, and off to school. 
I'm at a bit of an impasse with the little eccentrics.  After finishing The Courier, I looked at all the works in progress and found I've nothing new to add, no ideas, no pressing desire to work on them.  Maybe after my morning sadhana, some new ideas will come. 

Often when I climb the stairs for my yoga sadhana, I'm distracted by the eccentrics calling for some new addition.  This morning, I hope the yoga will inspire a direction that will help carry at least one of them forward.  If not, there is always laundry.  I've found that working on chores often inspires me to get back to the studio!

More Halloween decorations.  The cats don't get up on the mantle so I was able to display the Halloween Tree there.

Soon, I'll have to put them all away.  Can't believe Halloween is almost here!


  1. When I was little I always thought the God Blesses were a way to stay up for just that bit I always had a lot of them =-)

  2. Debby, I sort of suspect there is some of that going on!

  3. Been keeping up with all y'all goings on although the comments have been few. I love the dolls and doll (Bryce Eleanor)! Aren't grands the greatest!! Thanks for visiting. Maybe after my daughter's wedding I'll have more free time for creating other things, visiting the blogs I love and ORGANIZING. So much to do always and so little time. Hope y'all have a wonderful Halloween, stay warm!

  4. SueSue - :) I agree, grands ARE the greatest! Weddings are exciting and time-consuming, and I'm sure you have been busy with all of the preparations, but having fun with it all!


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