Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Musings

Four little eccentrics in progress.  I keep getting side-tracked....  Some of them have me stumped, others have me making little embellishments for them.

I'm not sure why I have to work on so many projects at once, but I'm a lot better at beginning than at finishing.  If I ever finish the 9 UFOs in clay (and more than that in fabric), I'll be surprised.  Today, I plan to set the timer and spend 20 minutes cleaning and organizing before I start to  play, but I've got an idea for something there will be another UFO on the list.

I have a package to get in the mail today.  Hopefully.  I'm not sure why going to the P.O. is such a huge ordeal for me.  Oh, yes, I remember:  it takes 10-15 minutes to get there, and then I usually have to wait in line for at least 10-15 min.  All of our postal workers are very nice (although I do have a favorite), but for some reason it is always a long, slow process as there is usually only one window open

After I shooed Edgar away from chewing on the corners of the package, he settled in the sun.  Stinker observed from the top of Fee's chair.  Lucy was in her lair.

What's on your calendar for today?


  1. Yes, post offices... - at the nearest one here, in a crowded shopping mall, there is an elderly spectacled man working whom I suspect of being a Bodhisattva - but even that doesn´t help much...;)

  2. ger - It was certainly help some!


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