Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Le Petit Acrobat from Woodstown Whimsies

Such a full week-end; yesterday I  relaxed, recovered, and played with my little figures.  Making some progress, but some of them are just refusing to come along.  Best to leave them alone for a while, I guess.

Today, I have to  get back in the game--clean house, grocery store, and prepare for Bryce Eleanor this afternoon.  It was so good to get to see the grandkids, this generation of cousins, getting along and on Sunday  playing. 

Ta Da!  He Arrived!
I told you I won Le Petit Acrobat in an earlier post.  He arrived on Friday, but I didn't have time to take pictures until yesterday.  He is hanging from the chandelier over the dining room table, sometimes looking longingly out the windows; he is such a high-flier!

Again, my thanks to Daryle & Katie at Woodstown Whimsies for this charming fellow!  From the top of his trapeze to the bottom of his tail feather, he is about 18 inches.  I LOVE him, don't you?


  1. Le Petit Acrobat is wonderful. Tell me how to get back in the game! I need help.

  2. Gerrie - What I say and what I do are two different things! I've been upstairs working on my little eccentricities!

    In he just a blue bird of happiness? I love Le Petit! I really, really do!

    Debby- Everything Daryl does is great! I love his work and am so proud to have one of his pieces.


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