Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Dancer

This is Luna Moon-Candle.  I  like her.  She dances by the light of the moon, celebrating the approach of Halloween; she rests on a small trinket box.  Maybe I'll make some Halloween jewelry to put inside...

When I finally went to bed around 12:00 last night, I couldn't get Stinker out of the room.  After chasing her from one side of the bed to the other (she always gets under the bed and pulls this trick), I gave up and decided to ignore her.  Impossible.  As soon as I drifted off, she would go to  the door and scratch to get out.  When I'd get up, she run back under the bed.  Fee slept through this long episode; I cursed.  Finally, she gave up around 1:00 and out she went. 

We have to keep the door shut because Edgar bites our toes and Stinker rattles the blinds, then hides under the bed.  Lucy is a great companion sleeper, but the other two drive me crazy.

I groom The Triad each morning, creating unbelievable amounts of fluffy, fly-away fur as they are putting on their winter coats.  They love being groomed, but crowd each other so I can't do one at a time.  Sometimes I consider shaving them....

Need to shower and get myself out for some errands, but I really just want to go  up to the studio and play!


  1. I bet it's gonna be a fine time on the doll shelf this Halloween! Doll Party!

    About the cats: Aaaaa-chooo!

  2. Seriously, these need to be in a show or gallery for sale...

  3. Rian - The dolls are already Rockin'!
    And, yeah, I know, but it keeps more of the fur in one place.

    Debby - You are always so sweet!


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