Saturday, October 09, 2010

Finished Halloween Tree

Finally got some pictures of the Halloween Tree and ornaments.  The tree was too much trouble, too tedious, and too time-consuming.  Not hard at all, but a bunch of branches would have been much quicker than wire, papier mache, paper clay, etc.

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Posted by PicasaThe ornaments were fun to make and to paint. The tree will have to stay upstairs in the studio, however, because The Triad (Edgrrrr, Lucy, and Stinkrrr) think the entire house is full of their toys. 

I'll post pictures of some more of the recently finished Halloween figures tomorrow.


  1. It is all amazing! I have never seen such Halloween artful crafting. A lot of work? I can't even begin to imagine! Wow.

  2. Thanks, Michele! It takes a lot of time, but like with quilting, the time is so enjoyable that you don't realize how much time has passed. The tree was annoying, but the ornaments were just fun!

  3. While I was looking at the photos BEFORE I got to your statement about The Triad, I just kept shaking my head and wondering how you kept the kitties away from your beautiful, artful tree ... because I knew there was no way I could keep my own kitties from playing with such compelling little cat toys.

  4. Sophie - I've put a few things on the mantle, but The Triad do love their toys! And like my granddaughter, they think everything is "mine"!

  5. what an adorable tree! I'm not much of a fan of Halloween decorations...but I love this!


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