Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bobble-Heads :o

Bryce Eleanor loves the little chicken sticks (think Vienna Sausage), and one day I thought I'd wash and keep a couple of little jars.  I took them up to  the studio and decided to use them for bobble-head dolls. What to put in them since they are so small?  M & Ms?  Candy corn?  I don't know, but I love the way the heads bounce!

I used an old apothecary label for the witch jar.  I found the perfect one at The Graphics Fairy!  The little clown just got an imprint from an old wooden Indian batik stamp I bought years ago.  I like the label better. 
click to enlarge
Bryce Eleanor will have to eat a lot of those little chicken sticks now, because I need more jars.  Wish I'd kept the previous ones.  Bobble-heads are such fun.

Remember the old oil can I found in one of my flea market/ junk outings a couple of months ago?  I started the little fellow below, but he kind of got lost in all of  the Halloween stuff.  I'm going to be working on him again soon.  I will work with the smaller one when I  figure out what to do with this one.  I've already used one of the little type writer tins, but want to work with the others soon, too.

I've made a stand for my Halloween man--he's been leaning on a shelf for months because I didn't know how I would mount him, but I painted a wooden "round" and now he stands without needing a wall to lean on.


  1. I saved a bunch of BEs baby food jars that I can give you - they are about the same size!

  2. They are just darling and such good fun, absolutely love them.

  3. Thanks so much, Petra! They are so much fun to make!

  4. These are so charming!!! Thanks for linking this up to Brag Monday.

  5. Great artwork! Love your creations!

  6. Karen - Thanks for the great label!

    Thespa - Thanks...they are great fun to make!


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