Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another WIP Complete!

I finished The Courier last night, and I really like him.  He has old maps, mail, and other items to deliver in his pack.  I didn't know he was a courier until I found the old stamp that I applied to his back, but it explained  the contents of his pack perfectly!  The stamp says:  COURIER PRIVAT STA?TPOST - 1 1/2 PFENNIG.  If you open the image in a new window and enlarge, you should be able to see it better. 

I think he uses a hot air balloon to make his deliveries all over Europe.  The figure is about 5 1/2 inches, but perched on the old typewriter ribbon container, he reaches about 7 3/4 inches. 

His cap is a metal button, aged with various paints, and he has an old Mah Jong piece embedded in his chest.  I already had the tiny maps and sealed them with Modge Podge, then folded them and stuck them in the little pack made from linen (gessoed, sanded, sealed).  His glasses are 24 gauge copper wire wrapped in embroidery floss with lenses made from cling wrap painted green and then sealed.

I hope the children's books I ordered come today.  I have several of Jon Muth's ordered and am looking forward to the illustrations and to reading them to Bryce Eleanor.

 Some Halloween decorations.  Next year, I'm going to ask Amelia to come over and help me display them.  I have no ability to do this well, but I see such gorgeous Halloween decorations on other blogs where everything is put together in terrific little vignettes. 
Halloween quiltie from a couple of years ago.

Painted the wooden block to display one of the Halloween clowns.
Witch Hazel bobble-head (she now has M &Ms in the jar and it makes such a difference seeing all of those bright colors) next to an orange candle.  I bought 3 boxes in a set from Target to hang on the wall, but just stacked them on top of each other for now.


  1. Oh, he's great! I love the mah jong tile and his glasses...and, of course, his pack. Zen Shorts!!! One of my FAVorites!! =-)

  2. Thanks, Debby!

    The books did come today, so B.E. and I will have a new book tonight. I'll probably save the rest for later. Love the illustrations. Glad to know you are a fan of Stillwater!

  3. If only the couriers who deliver here were so gorgeous!

    Judy B

  4. He will be so flattered! He worries that his eyes are a little...well...prominent. Your comment will boost his self-esteem!


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