Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend This and That

Saturday -- September is flying by!  Still, it is summer here.  It is already 83 degrees, and according to the weather app, feels like 90.  High today expected to be 98 (heat index says it will feel like 110).

When I read an add for fall clothing a few weeks ago, it said that it was time to put away linen dresses and whites; I had to laugh.  Around here, we can use the fashion dictates or the weather to determine what clothing is appropriate.

Fall clothing and colors are not appropriate here, no matter how we may long for sweaters; right now, we are still in late summer, regardless of the calendar.  Shorts, and whites, and linen are practical and will be for a while.

Sunday -- feels dryer, and therefore, cooler today.  I played all day yesterday, so today must be devoted to some of those mundane chores that always need to be taken care of.  I've been reviewing more books over at A Garden Carried in the Pocket.  Scheduling the reviews for the next couple of days.

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