Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wednesday Micellaneous

My brother sent me an email with funny anecdotes/jokes from various Southern states.  I'm just gonna' share the one from Louisiana:
A senior at LSU was overheard saying, 'When the end of the world comes, I hope to be in Louisiana .' When asked why, he replied he'd rather be in Louisiana because everything happens in  Louisiana 20 years later than in the rest of the civilized world.
What can I say?
It is September at last, and though the heat will continue, my mind is ready for fall.  Time for Carl's R.I.P. Challenge (Readers Imbibing Peril), time for gothic tales and ghosts and witches and all things supernatural.  I've written about it here on A Garden Carried in the Pocket, and I'm busy sorting through significantly sinister selections -- sssssssssssss ...  

Some details of dolls in progress:



  1. what a wonderful little rabbit!!!!

  2. thanks, ACey. Not much progress on this little girl lately. Just need to complete her clothes for the most part, but keep stalling.


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