Monday, September 13, 2010

The Snickers Case (cont.)

Well, damn...  I was half way through my morning practice, when right in the middle of Trikonasana, I glanced at my work table and saw this:

I had to pause my timer and search every room in the house.  There are no more.  He just placed them in my "hot spots" -- not in the kitchen or the laundry room or spare bedroom (where I'm unlikely to be found).

And, sadly, I succumbed to temptation before putting this last batch back in the bag.  Only two, though, I'm not totally without self-restraint.


  1. Tee hee - I wish my husband would leave chocolate for me! Thanks for visiting! nice to 'see' you :o)

  2. such exquisite torture. I would tell Jim about this as an amusing anecdote at supper but fear it might give him ideas of his own!

  3. Abi, by the end of the day, I'd given up all resistance. If it had been just a few, just one, in each location, it would have been a nice surprise. What it ended up being was a chocolate orgy!

    ACey - I didn't even eat supper. By afternoon, I had gotten into package I'd emptied all the bowls into. :O

  4. Jen, I have to admit that brought a little tear to my eye it was so sweet. My husband leaves love notes taped up in the most unexpected places and those make me cry too. An added bonus is that it drives the kids crazy when they're here. My favorite one was the risque comment he printed off backwards and taped to the inside of the bathroom door so it could be read in the mirror when you closed the door. The kids completely wigged out over that one, but they stay out of our bathroom now.

  5. Oh, Rhonda, the risque note in the bathroom is too funny! Your husband sound like a dear, and you must have a place to keep all of his notes and reread them when the mood strikes. With, perhaps, a few more happy tears.


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