Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day Weekend at the Camp

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Long Labor Day Weekend with as many as 17 little ones at one time (the two oldest were Allison and Mila at 5 and 6).  The kids had a wonderful time playing together and apart, in the blow-up pool and on the slide, finger painting, elf hunting in the woods, etc.).  The adults had a wonderful time watching.

On Monday morning, the last of the group departed.  Erin, Ren, and Molly headed back to Baton Rouge with their six young'uns.  Amelia and Bryce Eleanor headed home.  Everyone helped clean up before leaving, but Fee and I stayed and finished cleaning in the quiet.

Over the weekend, there were over 41 people (including the littles) at different times.  All the cabins and beds and the fold-out sofa were put to use, plus an air mattress, and PackandPlays).  Everyone helped with washing and folding sheets and general clean-up.

Fee and I labored after they were all gone.  Vacuumed, mopped, cleaned counters, wiped finger prints from appliances, etc.  It was a particularly delightful labor...in the silence...with the memories.


  1. Wow! The energy in these pics =-) It looks like so much fun. How fantastic that all these kids have each other...can you imagine the friendships, parties, and get togethers in the future when they are adults...life is grand, eh?!

  2. Debby-- We all hope that the kids will maintain their friendships until their parents are grandparents, and another generation forms friendships!

  3. They all looked to be having a wonderful time!

  4. They did have a great time. Busy, busy, busy....


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