Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I love doll quilts and here is a link to some gorgeous examples over at Feeling Stitchy!

Finally, it is time for the new season for some of my favorite shows.  This means I'll probably be getting back to some of my embroidery and handwork so I'll have my hands busy while I watch Glee and NCIS and other favorite series.  I've set up the DVR to record several series and won't have to worry about missing them.

The weather has finally decided to behave in a more fall-like manner, and we've had several lovely days.  Refreshing!
I've got a couple of new projects in progress...a Halloween Tree and tiny ornaments and the special project for B.E.'s birthday in December.  The theme of this year's party will be underwater and sea creature in nature.
The mermaids have improved substantially from this initial beginning.
An octopus with a small village on his head.
Most of the little ornaments are the size of a quarter or smaller.

The tree has been tedious.  Next time I do something like this I will not go through so many fiddly steps (wire armature, papier mache, then thin coat of paper clay).  I've seen adorable trees made from branches which would be so much quicker.

Of course, the problem will be how to display it when finished-- because the Triad would create chaos with tree and hanging ornaments.


  1. here a swipe, there a swipe, everywhere a swipe, swipe!

  2. :) Oh, yes. First, a few swipes, then a little chewing!


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