Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here's a great link to a free ebook on making memory quilts (via Quilting Arts).

I keep saying I'm going to make a memory quilt, but I never do.  Maybe this will inspire me, but I've not done any quilting in a while.  My favorite quilts are baby quilts.  I haven't done any art quilting in quite a while. 
Circles and Squares entertains Bryce Eleanor when she visits.  She spreads it out and plays on it, reads on it,  places Edgar on it (although he won't stay), covers herself up on the couch with it, and even takes it to bed with her.  It probably gets more use than any of the baby quilts I've made.

Dr. B upped my thyroid meds again, so maybe I'll have a little more energy.  Have been going to bed early lately, sleeping for about 9 hours, and still get tired (and apathetic) during the day.   Maybe I'll get back to my doll making or begin a new quilt.

Because I've been unusually tired, I've also skipped several morning yoga practices and several classes.  This is a paradoxical situation, because if I begin the day with an hour of yoga, I have more energy.  As Amelia says to Bryce Eleanor when she hurts herself, "Shake it off!"  I'm going to try to do just that and get back to some of my favorite activities.

Today is Amelia's anniversary (a long distance one, since Chris is in Baghdad) and baby brother Marty's birthday.  Happy Anniversary, Amelia!  Happy Birthday, Marty!  August does have some highlights in spite of the heat!


  1. Start a new quilt! That's a very good idea. Maybe I should do it too.

  2. Every quilt is kind of a memory quilt I guess - especially a baby quilt... I know what you mean about being too tired to yoga, but getting more fatigued because of not having done enough of it... ;)

  3. Francoise - It does sound like a good idea, doesn't it? It is getting started that's the problem!

    ger - Yes, every quilt does contain lots of memories: of deciding what to make, choosing fabrics, the events that take place as you are making the quilt, the thoughts that you think as you sew. I've always found the final hand stitching of the binding a particularly contemplative activity. Or when I choose hand quilting over machine quilting. Like stitching in memories and thoughts as you go.

  4. I take these.
    They help.

  5. I've been taking synthetic thyroid for about twenty years. I went to yoga class this morning. It was at my local senior center. I know all too well the blah feeling. My craft blah activities are making yo yos with a Clover yo yo maker, and this past week, using up beads left over from other projects, on a cloth doll.

  6. Rian - Thanks, I may try some of this if I'm not back to normal in a few days!

    Paperpest - Yoga makes me feel so much better, and I know that avoiding it when I'm tired is a mistake. I did get around to it this morning after I posted...but in a little over an hour and have felt better all day!

    Another doll-maker! It is a craft that is so much fun and so open to your own imagination, isn't it?

  7. Jen

    Every quilt has it's own story and memories, so you have made quite a few memory quilts ..... but there is room for more.

    Judy B

  8. This is definitely one of my very favorites of your always makes me smile =-) Now, I'm going to look up Rian's link to energy...yawn...I could use some help...and some sleep, actually...haha

  9. Thanks, Debby! My meds seem to be kicking in so maybe I won't need anything extra, but I'm going to keep that suggestion in mind!

  10. Judy, you are right--each quilt has its own memories and there is always room for more!

  11. These quilts are looking very beautiful. And the concept of color is very innovative.


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