Monday, August 23, 2010


Found this zombie pincushion over at Art Threads, and I thought I share it with you.  It made me laugh to think of performing a little voodoo while sewing! Deborah has a tutorial for this pincushion and two others, so check out the link!
Right now, I could use a cat pincushion;  Edgar knocked over two different lamps yesterday.  His imagination must be huge; he leaps from counter to couch and goes into predator mode.  Lord help whatever gets in the way.

Here is the reason I had to take down all decorative items from above the cabinets:
The ceilings are 10 ft.  

He really is Sweet Edgar most of the time, but...


  1. I like the pincushion , Your cat looks very happy up there :)

  2. Doesn't it scare you to have your cats that far up on the cabinets?

  3. Rafael - The cats delight in high perches, but I had no idea they could get up there until they began knocking everything down. Had to clear the space temporarily, but we are working on a solution.

    Debra - No, it doesn't scare me, but watching them jump that high is amazing!

  4. Oh, my! It is hard to imagine he could get so high. We've never had a cat that did that. I guess I'm glad, but the picture of him peering over the cabinet top is wonderful.

  5. His name is either Sweet Edgar or Bad Edgar, depending on the circumstances. The others get up there as well, sort of follow the leader, but Edgar always wants to be in the superior position!


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