Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bryce Eleanor

 just left.  I miss her the moment she says, "Goodbye, Jenny Claire!"  We had our Good Morning, Granddaddy! Good Morning, Edgar! Good Morning, Stinker! Good Morning, Lucy! Good Morning, World!  moments.  She ate her strawberries, got dressed, suffered her hair to be brushed, gathered her things, and went off to see her accomplice in crime, John David. 

Every Wednesday morning, she cheerfully gets ready to leave so she can go see John David.  Quite a pair, those two.

We spent of time yesterday looking for "the missing L" (it took me a while to understand what she was saying, but the ABC puzzle held the clue:  the L was missing.  A blank space.  We looked and looked, but evidently Edgar had managed to secret it away.  In the pic below, the L was still present.

This morning, we found the missing L, but by this time the Q was missing.  I'll have to search for it in a little while when I begin the whirlwind clean-up of gathering books, blocks, etc. and putting them away until next week.

She took a couple of books with her to day care, along with my little notepad that I really didn't want her to take.  It has a picture of her and Jenny Claire's Jottings (Amelia gave it to me), and I use it for my errand and grocery lists.  Bryce Eleanor, however, was reading the blank pages, telling her own story as she flipped the pages.  I was so enchanted with her story that losing my notepad was less important.

Yesterday, I did a long slow yoga sadhana for the back.  The hour passed so slowly and so quickly with not one strenuous asana:  just breathing, relaxing, and stretching and warming the back muscles.  It made a world of difference, and I will be heading upstairs for a repeat in a few minutes.  Although, I can do strenuous practices and some difficult poses and enjoy doing them in yoga classes, my preference is for my own practice and concentrating on breath, taking my time, losing myself in an almost meditative state.

The weather right now is wonderful!  We are having a cool snap; the high today is predicted to be 93 with low humidity.  How greatly appreciated is this relief in heat and humidity! 

Then back to work on some dolls.  :)  How I love the feeling of time passing in that slow/quick way when doing yoga or working with clay and fabric.  Tai Chi, yoga, playing with clay, sewing, embroidering, doodling/moodling...all take me away from past and future and into a lovely contentment.

What is going on in your world today?   What activities put you in the zone, that strange flow of absorption and joy?  Physical, mental, methodical...?  


  1. Today, it was printing, sewing and then swimming. Now I'm resting and enjoying a cup of green tea. Maybe there will be some yoga later.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Francoise, the cup of green tea lets you integrate all of it, doesn't it? A time to be still physically while your mind considers what to do next.

    I'm going to try printing some day. Isn't nice to have a physical activity like swimming to balance things out?

  3. No grandma or granny then for you? I knew a gal whose grandkids called her "honey" and I just loved that!

  4. Debra - Nope, no Grandma for me. Before Mila was born, I had a dream of a dark haired toddler holding my hand and calling me Jenny Claire (which is what Laddie always called me), so I told Erin. Mila did turn out to have dark hair, unlike her mother who is so fair, and I took the dream to heart and decided that Jenny Claire would be my grandma name. :)


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