Thursday, August 26, 2010


When I got home from last night's yoga class, the house smelled wonderful.  Pizza in the oven!  Not the homemade pizza I'd planned to make, but Papa Murphy's Take & Bake.  Delicious!  While I'm always grateful for the things my sweet husband does, I really appreciated coming home to a Mediterranean pizza.

So... the house smells like great pizza, food is imminent, AND THEN 

Fee shows me my early birthday present (really early) from Amelia!  A Nook.  The Kindle is great, but you can't share books or check out library books with the Kindle...and you can with the Nook!  I read too much to have to buy books, so I'm selective in the buying. 

Books on quilting, crafting, yoga, history, psychology, popular science, etc., I'll read more than once and refer to frequently, and I am perfectly willing to purchase these.  Fiction, however, is usually from the library or from publishers who send me Advanced Reader's Copies.  Now I can share "borrow" books from Amelia and check out library books and read them on my New Nook!  What a wonderful daughter!

A little more progress on dolls:

 Yeah, it is going pretty slow, but I did get some more paper clay.  I keep getting sidetracked, in all kinds of ways. 

This morning's sadhana was a practice that emphasized inhalation.  My morning practices (which I love) had become a bit too routine, and I was doing pretty much the same thing every morning.  Adding a little variety for the last few mornings (emphasis on lower back, emphasis on scoliosis, and today, emphasis on lengthening inhalation) has been fun;  especially since the last two night classes have been strenuous, doing the slow and easy morning routines feel especially good.  I've been using Gary Kraftsow's practices for the past 3 days and enjoying the benefits.


  1. you can also borrow books from Katie and Little Kris!
    and the library download is WAY cool. I downloaded three a couple days ago and it took a second to set up - but them BAM. Free books directly to your Nook without ever changing out of your PJs... THAT is a little slice of heaven I tell ya...

  2. I just got Wes a kindle for his birthday and it's the only present I have gotten him that he likes and uses. He reads the Wall Street Journal on it every night.

  3. Amelia - I guess I can get a library card from Shreveport and figure out how to to it. Such an advantage to a library lover!

    Debra - I like my Kindle (I got the larger size so I could get more text to the page), but you can't borrow books from friends and the Shreveport library is set up for B&N and Nook. The Bossier library doesn't lend ebooks yet.

    Ereaders are perfect for something like the Wall Street Journal, aren't they. No trees killed, no papers to dispose of!


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