Monday, August 16, 2010

Baton Rouge Express

Got home late yesterday evening.  Exhausted.  We stopped by New Roads on the way down and had lunch.
Bryce Eleanor examines the remains of Granddaddy's lunch.
Amelia and B.E.
Then on to Baton Rouge and the hotel.  Eric brought Max and Mila and Fee and Amelia took all the kids to the pool.

The Derby Match between the Baton Rouge Red Sticks and the Hattiesburg Hooligans was at 6:00, so we had just a little time to relax before the match.  We met niece Megan and Drew (the newly engaged) and walked down the river front to the match.

The B team that Erin plays on won their match!  None of my inside pictures came out and the ones outside were poor.

Sunday morning, we played with the kids in the pool, then walked to a pizza place for lunch. 
The cousins were worn out from hours in the pool!
Max was almost comatose.  

After lunch, we headed back.  We had planned to go back through St. Francisville and take the ferry back to New Roads on the way home.  Since we didn't get away until around 1:00, however, adding the extra hour to the 4 hour drive home was too much.

We missed one of our last opportunities to take the ferry; the John James Audubon Bridge will be completed soon, and the ferry will cease to exist.  Although the bridge will be much faster, I hate the thought of the ferry crossings becoming a thing of the past.  The width and power of the Mississippi is best viewed from crossing on the ferry.   A charm that will soon be a thing of the past.  Here is a link to a blog post about the ferry and memories of a retired ferry captain.

The other thing we had planned to do was to see Hemingbough, where Megan and Drew will be married in March.  Maybe next time we go to B.R., we can spend the night in St. Francisville at one of the historic B&B's and find Hemingbough.
Just as I was finishing this post, Megan sent me a link to her gown.  It is so beautiful!  She will be such a beautiful bride.


  1. Lots of beautiful and tired people in your life! I remember that tired kid look and then when I would say something about it, my son would shake his head like he could shake it away and deny he was tired at all.

  2. :) I know; it's the zombie look. Appendages will move, but the face is immobile! And don't kids always deny being tired? Afraid they might miss something, but they are too exhausted to participate.


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