Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ballet Open House

I skipped yoga last night so I could attend Bryce Eleanor's open house at her dance studio.  My face ached from smiling during the 30 minutes of so watching 2-3 year old ballerinas.  My heart sent thankful messages to the teachers who manage to get any kind of coordination and attention from the tiny divas with short attention spans, loads of energy, and wondrous enthusiasm!

It was such an uplifting experience to watch them try to follow instructions, look around to see what their neighbors were doing, find themselves in the mirror and then become utterly lost in their own reflections.  They were beautiful and funny and clumsy and poised and completely engaged (although sometimes only with their own little worlds).
Elizabeth looks so graceful; B. E. looks as if she might take off.
It was a delight, a joy.  It was better than a recital where, in spite of the lovely costumes, you are at a distance.  This was more about how the teachers reach their little students and encourage them.  This was play with a purpose.  This was watching two young women instill a love of music and dance in a normally rowdy group of little girls.
Flowers for B.E. and Elizabeth.
I forgot my camera, but Amelia took lots of pictures.  These are our two stars, Bryce Eleanor and Elizabeth.


  1. That is just too precious!!

  2. I love those two babies - B.E. has not stopped talking about it! I got Elizabeth a ballerina charm for her bracelet today!

  3. Amelia, they were all adorable! I know Elizabeth will love the charm!

  4. They will remember this! I was in ballet for 7 was great! builds strength and coordination (even though that might not show yet!). Your discription of them dancing is priceless!

  5. Patty, it was a great experience. The little girls with their big bellies and little skirts drooping trying to follow directions were so serious and funny. Eventually the minor movements of hands and pointing toes will accompany the larger must be rewarding for the teachers to watch
    week by week.

    Yes, it will pay off in so many ways in their strength, coordination, poise, flexibility, and posture!


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