Friday, July 30, 2010


Mitchell's parents took us all for a cruise on the Kekoa.  In center photo, Wanda, Kris, Alyssa, and Mary, the St. Pierre women.  Click to enlarge.        

Kris, Ted, Allyssa; Kris & Mary; Amelia & Paula

Caneel Bay and the ruins of a sugar mill; Amelia & Paula taking pictures of the spectacular views on the point.
Had to keep hold of my new orange hat!  Fee and I could hardly turn away from the views.
Diane has the attention of the ladies; .  Ted escorts Kris; she and Mitchell join hands.
Gorgeous setting for a wedding.  Gorgeous bride. 
Lovely setting, loving parents, great food, good friends. 
I'm still trying to recover lost ground here at home, but it is good to be back with the Triad, all furs and purrs.


  1. You know I'm lovin' that hat...=-)

  2. Debby, I thought you might like the orange hat! It also was very helpful in keeping the sun out of my eyes, but its chief benefit was that lovely shade of orange!

  3. Everything and everyone look wonderful--what a spot for a wedding!

  4. What a beautiful day! Looks like a great time, & you looked so cute in your orange hat!

  5. Lovely wedding. WEddings are great. So pretty, so much hope, two young people just starting their lives together. Wonderful.

  6. Debra, - It was such a beautiful location!

    Deb H - The wedding was lovely and so was the weather! Thanks, Deb1

    Deborah - Certainly a gorgeous way to begin!


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